Case Study – Flooded Nursery School

Local Drainage Solutions were called out to a local Nursery School that unfortunately had a large leak in their outdoor play area. Backed up drains left sitting sewage which needed investigating.

We were able to discover that the drain was located underneath the artificial grass. After discovering the manhole we were able to properly investigate the issue with our CCTV Drainage Survey. We found significant blockage and damage to the pipes, a common issue for older systems located in some parts of Kent.

The job involved excavating the surrounding area to remove the significant blockage and repair the damaged pipe. We were able to solve this issue the same day and finished by chemically cleaning the whole area so it was safe for use.

The client was very pleased by the speed of the job and the fact that they were able to use the play area again that day.

If you are finding pooling water in your commercial or residential property then it may be a sign that your drainage system may b damaged or blocked, call us out for a free inspection.



Case Study – Blocked Soil Stack Pipe

We were recently called out to a residential client who had extensive flooding in their garden and sewage smells in their house. We arrived at their house promptly and diagnosed the issue.

After an inspection of their drainage system by using a CCTV Drainage Survey we were able to show the client the blockage and advise of the issue, which was that their Soil Stack Pipe with clogged with stones, gravel, and clumps of fat.

We were then able to clear the blockage the same day by physically removing the block, clearing the rest with high-pressure drain jetting, and then chemically cleaning the whole area after; leaving the residential area good as new. This resulted in a very happy client, who were very pleased with the quality of the work and the affordable price.

This kind of blockage can be very common. Some telltale signs are sinks and toilets drain slowly, pooling water in the garden and sewage smells in your home. If you’re experiencing any of these tells then get in touch immediately and we can treat the issue before it does any damage.