Unlocking Solutions: Your Guide to Common Drainage Issues and Fixes

Welcome to Local Drainage Solutions Medway, where we unravel the mysteries of common drainage issues and empower you with practical solutions. In this guide, we will delve into the causes behind these problems and provide DIY fixes. If your drainage woes persist, our dedicated team is ready to assist—contact Local Drainage Solutions today.

Unveiling Blocked Drains in Medway

  1. The Challenge of Blocked Drains
    • Causes: Accumulation of debris, grease, and foreign objects.
    • DIY Fix: Plungers, baking soda, and vinegar concoction.
    • Pro Tip: For persistent issues, trust Local Drainage Solutions for expert drain unblocking in Medway.

Battling Sluggish Drains – A Gradual Nuisance

  1. Confronting Sluggish Drains
    • Causes: Partial blockages due to debris.
    • DIY Fix: Boiling water, plumbing snake.
    • Pro Tip: For recurring slow drains, contact Local Drainage Solutions Medway for efficient solutions.

Banishing Odors – A Fresh Approach

  1. Eliminating Foul Odors
    • Causes: Trapped debris or sewer gas.
    • DIY Fix: Hot water and baking soda flush.
    • Pro Tip: Local Drainage Solutions provides comprehensive odor elimination for your peace of mind.

Decoding Drain Sounds – Gurgles and Whispers

  1. Interpreting Drain Sounds
    • Causes: Air trapped in pipes, signaling blockages or ventilation issues.
    • DIY Fix: Clearing vents, water flushing.
    • Pro Tip: Persistent gurgling demands professional attention. Local Drainage Solutions offers advanced diagnostics.

Tackling Standing Water – Confronting Puddles

  1. Addressing Standing Water Issues
    • Causes: Poor drainage, clogged gutters, or a malfunctioning system.
    • DIY Fix: Regular gutter cleaning, water flow management.
    • Pro Tip: For persistent standing water, Local Drainage Solutions provides tailored solutions.

Conclusion: Local Drainage Solutions – Your Drainage Experts

In conclusion, understanding and addressing common drainage issues is crucial for a healthy system. While our DIY tips offer temporary relief, persistent problems require the expertise of Local Drainage Solutions. Don’t let blocked drains in Medway disrupt your life—contact us 24/7 for efficient and reliable solutions. Your trusted partner in resolving drainage issues in Medway is just a call away.

5 best tips and tricks to prevent blocked drains

When your drains are blocked it can be really frustrating. It’s one of those things that we don’t think about on a daily basis, but if blocked it really interrupts your day which can cause a huge issue. It can also be costly if the issue isn’t sorted straight away. Blocked drains can result in poor drainage and can cause a bad smell, which may even start attracting rodents. So we’ve put our heads together and thought of the best five tips to help prevent you drains ever getting to this stage. 

Sink Strainers 

These are super useful, simply pop it over your sinks plug and it’ll catch most of the excess waste. Then just remove it, dump the waste in the bin, rinse it and pop it back. Depending on how much you want to invest these can vary in price but overall, they are relatively cheap and can be found in most hardware shops and if not there’s plenty on Amazon. 

Watch what you put down the sink 

Sometimes it’s difficult to know what you should and shouldn’t pop down your sink. So, here’s a list of what to avoid:

  • Litter
  • Grease, fats and oils 
  • Flour
  • Eggshells 
  • Coffee grounds

Keep an eye on it 

Just having a look at your drain every now and then can be incredibly helpful. You’ll be able to notice any issues quickly and solve it before it develops. If you regularly have issues with rodents you could install CCTV so you can keep an eye on it at all times. 

Frozen Pipes

When pipes are frozen it can be a bit of a disaster, the best way to deal with this is to remove as much ice as you physically can and then very slowly heat the ice up to melt it. Try not to apply too much heat to the pipes directly as this could damage them. Use an electric heater or a hairdryer, this is a great way to slowly remove the ice. 

So, what should you do if your drains are blocked, don’t worry give us a call on: 800 677 1321. We operate 24/7 365 days a year and are experts in providing great service at a competitive price. We don’t charge VAT, our response time is 1 hour, 95% of drain issues are fixed on the same day and we provide a free no-obligation quote. So get in contact via email: [email protected] or through our website https://localdrainagesolutions.co.uk/contact/  

Water Leak In Your Garden – It may be your pipe

Is there water in your garden and you don’t know where it’s coming from? Chances are you may have a leak in your garden. This leak can cause you a lot of problems if you don’t get it fixed quickly. The problem for many people is they don’t even know they have a leak to begin with. It’s not until they get the higher than normal water bill they realize something might be wrong.

Luckily, you’ve found this page because we’re going to take a look at how to spot a leak in your garden and what you can do about it.

Start By Shutting Off All Water In Your Home

If you live in the city or in an area where you receive water from a water company, then you should have a service line that brings water into your home. You should shut off this line so you can begin testing and finding your leak. For most homes, you should be able to find this water connection in front of your home.

By shutting off the water you are able to get a more accurate reading.

Check Your Meter

Next, you’ll want to check your meter to see if there is any unusual activity happening on it. Take note of the little spinning triangle on your meter. Is it spinning non stop? If you look at your meter and you see this you may have a leak.  Also, if you take a look and no water is going through the meter, then it may mean the leak is somewhere else in the system.

From the moment you notice this, you should contact an emergency commercial plumber company and have them come in and diagnose the problem.

Figuring if you have a leak on a digital water meter is a little different. On the digital water meter, you’ll have to check the flow rate. A low flow rate or one that reads zero is an indicator that there’s no water flowing through the line. This could mean the problem is in your service line.

Common Service Line Leak Locations

A service line leak can happen anywhere on your service line. The most common places leaks happen are near the shutoff valve and anywhere there are fittings on the line. If you notice that you have a leak, you should get a commercial plumbing service company to come to your property.

You don’t want to leave this for too long as it may lead to more serious problems in the future.


A leak in your garden is no fun. It can leave your yard muddy and damage your driveway. Fixing a water leak in your garden as soon as you notice it is very important. Deal with the problem quickly so that it doesn’t escalate. Take too long to deal with it, and it can become your worst nightmare. Use the tips in this guide to help with diagnosing the type of garden leak you have and then get a commercial drainage professional to fix it for you.

What’s Involved In a Pitch Fibre Pipe Repair Job

What’s Involved In a Pitch Fibre Pipe Repair Job

From the 1950s to 1970s pitch fiber piping was a cheaper more effective way to construct pipes. It was a lot cheaper than clay which is why it was the first choice for residential and commercial properties built in the 1950s to 1970s. Although new drainage systems are made using plastic pipes there are still many properties that use pitch fiber piping.

Pitch fiber pipes were easy to make and even easier to install which made it the first choice for most people. This meant most properties in that time had pitch fiber piping installed. Unfortunately, just like any other type of pipe, a pitch fiber one is subject to wear and tear over time.

As time goes on and the pipe gets more worn, you’ll need to have an emergency commercial plumber come in and inspect the piping on your property. Finding a commercial plumbing repair company is as simple as an internet search for commercial plumbing contractors near me.**

What Should I Do If I Have Pitch Fiber Pipes Under My Home?

If you have pitch fiber pipes under your home and they aren’t leaking, then there is nothing to worry about. If there is a leak, then you should get a professional to come in and check your piping.

A CCTV drain survey conducted by a drain professional is how you’ll determine the type of piping under your home. This survey helps to determine whether you have modern plastic pipes or pitch fiber pipes. If you have pipes that are damaged, leaking, or collapsed you may need to have them repaired or replaced.

If you think you have a problem with your piping you should have this problem fixed as soon as possible.

Pitch Fiber Repair

To repair a pitch fiber pipe we either dig up the pipe and replace it with a plastic one or add a liner to the pipe to increase its strength.

A relining process can be done using polyester felt. This will help to seal any holes in the piping. The lining helps to increase the strength of the pipe by reforming and reshaping the pipe. Reinforcement is the best way to repair this type of pipe.

The lining option is the popular choice due to the nature of the repair. You don’t have to dig the pipes up which can be a lot cheaper.

Can I Replace My Pitch Fiber Pipes?

Replacing your pitch fiber piping is also another good option. The only problem is excavating and replacing this type of pipe will cost you lots of money. It not only costs money, but your regular operations will be interrupted.

You should only look to replace your pitch fiber pipes if the damage done to them is too much and they have gone beyond repair. If they are not damaged too badly and can be replaced then it might be your best to just have them repaired by a commercial plumbing repair company. If you need that type of help we can help you. Feel free to contact us today.

Have You Got a Blocked Drain? Check out for these signs

When drains go wrong it can be a matter of timing to mitigate the amount of the damage it could cause to your property. It’s always good to know some of the major signs of blockage because if you ignore the signs for too long then you may be looking at potential long term damage and hefty prices.

Luckily there are some very obvious signs that your drains and blocked or beginning to block which we’ll list in this article. Then, you may be able to use a few shop bought products and if the problem persists get in touch with us.

If you’re experiencing any of the issues listed below then you may have a blockage in the lines, meaning your drains may be pooling wastewater in the various pipework below your home. This may not even be an issue you’ve caused as some drains are connected to other properties. If left untreated for too long your manhole will fill with waste and potentially spill out back the way it’s meant to go.

Your toilet water level is rising.

This is one of the most obvious signs of blockage. If the water in your toilet has steadily begun to rise then you may be looking at a blockage along the line somewhere. If you notice this then we suggest first using a plunger and use some toilet drain cleaner, but if the problem persists then you may have the beginning of an underlining blockage issue.

Do not leave an issue like this too long as you don’t want backed up water spilling out onto your bathroom floor, call in the experts. Most blockage issues we can resolve the same day.

Sewage Smells coming from drains, toilets, or plugs.

Let us tell you right now this one you’ll absolutely know about. Smells from the blocked drain can be an awful thing and a very obvious warning sign of a blocked drain. The smell occurs with waste, food, and debris decomposing and wafting up the pipes to the nearest escape. These smells can pop up anywhere from outside your property to right inside your toilet.

If you notice a smell like this then it usually a good idea to a drainage expert involved to properly investigate the issue.

Gurgling water and noises from plugs.

Listen out for your bath and kitchen sinks gurgling and spluttering water. This can be an obvious warning sign of a blocked drain, the sound is caused by trapped air escaping when water runs.

What are the next steps?

Knowing the signs of a blocked drain is half the battle. We always educate our clients on preventative measures to stop a blocked drain, such as not flushing baby wipes, oil, fat, and food is a massive measure you need to take.

Secondly, try the home remedy methods first because you just be dealing with a minor blockage that can be cleared by tipping a bottle of drain cleaner down your plug or using something like soda crystals and finally trying to plunge your toilet.

Third, if the issue persists then it’s best to call out a drainage engineer. We can’t stress enough the danger of leaving this too long, blocked drains can break pipes and require the need for excavation and costly repair work. But, if caught early it may just require a quick drain jetting, unblocking, and chemical cleaning.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, so call us if you’re experiencing any blockage issue listed above and we can get to you for a free consultation for the next steps.

Case Study – Flooded Nursery School

Local Drainage Solutions were called out to a local Nursery School that unfortunately had a large leak in their outdoor play area. Backed up drains left sitting sewage which needed investigating.

We were able to discover that the drain was located underneath the artificial grass. After discovering the manhole we were able to properly investigate the issue with our CCTV Drainage Survey. We found significant blockage and damage to the pipes, a common issue for older systems located in some parts of Kent.

The job involved excavating the surrounding area to remove the significant blockage and repair the damaged pipe. We were able to solve this issue the same day and finished by chemically cleaning the whole area so it was safe for use.

The client was very pleased by the speed of the job and the fact that they were able to use the play area again that day.

If you are finding pooling water in your commercial or residential property then it may be a sign that your drainage system may b damaged or blocked, call us out for a free inspection.



Case Study – Blocked Soil Stack Pipe

We were recently called out to a residential client who had extensive flooding in their garden and sewage smells in their house. We arrived at their house promptly and diagnosed the issue.

After an inspection of their drainage system by using a CCTV Drainage Survey we were able to show the client the blockage and advise of the issue, which was that their Soil Stack Pipe with clogged with stones, gravel, and clumps of fat.

We were then able to clear the blockage the same day by physically removing the block, clearing the rest with high-pressure drain jetting, and then chemically cleaning the whole area after; leaving the residential area good as new. This resulted in a very happy client, who were very pleased with the quality of the work and the affordable price.

This kind of blockage can be very common. Some telltale signs are sinks and toilets drain slowly, pooling water in the garden and sewage smells in your home. If you’re experiencing any of these tells then get in touch immediately and we can treat the issue before it does any damage.